Phytochemistry and phytopharmacology

Phytochemistry Division of JNTBGRI was established in 1992. The Division was reorganized in September 2006 with the addition of a Phytopharmacology group, and was re-named as Phytochemistry and Phytopharmacology Division. Our main objective is to carry out chemical research on plant systems leading to their sustainable utilization.

One major area of our work is isolation and biological activity studies of secondary metabolites from medicinal plants. A second area is chemical profiling of essential oils from aromatic plants and evaluation of their flavour and cosmetic potentials.

We also work on the chemistry of (i) biomass and biofuels,(ii) carnivorous plants and (iii) bamboos. Biological activity of extracts, fractions and isolates are tested by various assays. We apply a variety of chromatographic, spectroscopic techniques and biological assays in our work. We also use techniques at the frontiers of chemistry and biology in our research work.

Research areas

  • Isolation, characterization of biologically active metabolites
  • Biologically active molecules from bamboos
  • Biomass and biofuels
  • Chemical profiling of new essential oils, essential oil-based molecules
  • Chemistry of carnivorous plants

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