Biotechnology and Bioinformatics Division

Head of Division

Dr. K Satheeshkumar
Principal Scientist
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Dr. William Decruse
Senior Scientist

Dr. S Sreekumar
Senior Scientist

Dr. K K Sabu
Senior Scientist
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Dr. C K Biju

Dr. R K Radha
Scientist B

Mr. M Raveendran
Scientist B

Technical Officers

Mr. K Gopakumar

Dr. A S Hemanthakumar

Mrs. A Shylajakumari


Supporting staff

Ms. V. S. Sindhu
Lab Assistant

Mrs. S. Syamalakumari
Lab Attendant

Mrs. Seema Viswanath








Conservation and sustainable utilization of plant genetic resources of the nation through biotechnological intervention, knowledge discovery and promoting lab-to-land programme. Plant Biotechnology was the first R & D programme launched at JNTBGRI in 1983.

Currently following well established interrelated R&D units are functioning under the Biotechnology and Bioinformatics research programmes.

Functional Genomics and Population Genetics
The Indian Sub-continent, in terms of plant diversity and genetic variability, is one of the distinctive floristic regions designated in phytogeography.


Bioproduction of plant-specific compounds
Root drugs are destructively harvested in nature. Series of experiments were conducted to develop viable root ..


Conservation Biotechnology
Successfully demonstrated embryo / tissue culture protocols for the endangered blue vanda (Vanda coerula) of the Eastern Himalayas during the same year.


The Bioinformatics programme was initiated at JNTBGRI in 1998 by the launching of a Sub-Distributed Information Centre, as part of the BTISNET program.


Training and Extension Services
Development of viable micropropagation protocols leading to community participatory floricultural programmes with orchids and anthuriums.

























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